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OrniTrack-6 4G - solar powered transmitter


This transmitter is suitable for small birds weighing from 180-200 grams.

This model works only in countries/regions where 4G LTE Cat-M1 protocol is supported: most European countries, North America, Australia, New Zealand, certain countries in Asia and South America. See map of current global coverage here (red and purple colours).


Key characteristics:

  • Housing: backpack design, aerodynamic, strong and waterproof, can be made in one of four available colours: white, grey, black or brown

  • One external flexible whip antenna, 10 cm long

  • Size: weight 6.0 - 6.5 grams, dimensions 34×19×9 mm

  • GPS receiver: high sensitivity 72 channel module

  • ​GSM/4G transceiver working on LTE Cat-M1 protocol (also called LTE-M)

  • Internal battery: Lithium-Polymer with under- and over-charge protection

  • Fully charged battery is sufficient for logging about 300 positions without additional recharge (under optimal GPS satellite view and good GSM network coverage, GPS intervals - 5 minutes, GSM intervals - 12 hours)

  • Solar charger: high efficiency multi-junction solar panel

  • GPS logging intervals: from 1 second to 48 hours (user selectable)

  • Data storage: 128 MB capable of storing about 2,000,000 records

  • Data upload: via GSM network using 4G LTE Cat-M1 protocol

  • GSM connection interval: from 10 minutes to 192 hours (user selectable)

  • Logged data are stored in memory if GSM network is unavailable

  • Geofences: 2 zones with separate sets of parameters. Zones defined by user by multiple rectangles (up to 10 per zone)

  • High frequency (up to 50 Hz) sensor (accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature) data collection on a separate schedule

  • Day & night mode

  • Operational temperature: from -10 to +60 °C

  • Control: user remotely controls GPS & GSM schedules, day & night mode settings, sensor data recording settings and geofence settings via online control panel.

  • Main data record includes: UTC date & time, GPS position, GPS altitude, speed, direction, HDOP, battery voltage, battery charging current, instant acceleration (3 axes), temperature, magnetic field strength (3 axes)

  • Transmitter firmware update over the air (OTA)



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