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standard support

When purchasing OrniTrack transmitters our clients receive standard support which includes consultations prior to placing an order about transmitter choice, feasible settings for data collection and whether custom design is needed for transmitter housing or electronics given a study species and research objectives. During the transmitter operation period we are open to discuss and explain transmitter performance, help with geofence setup and provide general advice on management of transmitter settings in order to maximize the performance.


additional services

Beyond the standard support we offer a range of relevant consulting services that could be agreed by a separate contract:

  • Study design and planning, including defining objectives, sample size identification (power analysis, feasibility), logistics for bird capture, budgeting, data management and analysis planning.

  • Support during field operations when capturing birds and deploying transmitters. We have extensive experience in catching birds of different species by a variety of methods, thus we can help preventing unnecessary bird disturbance or even missing the entire capture season. Transmitter deployment is of crucial importance for the wellbeing of birds and tag performance. Building on our experience, we can help putting transmitters on birds in an optimal way. We use harnesses made of Teflon tape or Silastic.

  • Advanced day-to-day management of transmitter operations to ensure optimal transmitter performance and data logging. Close monitoring of transmitter power consumption, solar recharge and dynamic duty cycle adjustment adapting to bird behaviour, habitats, season, local weather conditions, local GSM network coverage.

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