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custom solutions


We are continuously working aiming to further improve and advance of our trackers. Therefore we are willing to listen to our current and potential customers and help finding solutions suiting specific research needs. This includes transmitter housing, electronics and programming.


To expand spectrum of bird species that could be tracked, we are working towards further miniaturization of the transmitters, our ultimate short-term goal being a backpack transmitter weighing 10 grams.


We are also developing more advanced controls to currently available sensors, primarily accelerometer, so that sensor data could be collected using independent scheduling from GPS.


If there is a need, a number of onboard sensors could be expanded by including e.g. a gyroscope. More memory can be added as well (but be aware that extras may increase transmitter size and reduce energetic efficiency).


More sophisticated controls could also be programmed, e.g. GPS module schedulling could be controlled by information coming from sensors (accelerometer, temperature, ambient light values).


Let us know your needs and we will see whether we can help making them true!

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