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Bird transmitter prices 2024




















​* this model can have an optional barometric sensor that costs additional 70 EUR per transmitter (barometric sensor is not suitable for transmitters that will be used on diving birds or birds with frequent contact with water)


The price includes:

  • A transmitter

  • 180 EUR of data transfer fees sufficient for at least 6 months for transferring unlimited GPS data and basic sensor information when connecting to GSM/GPRS/3G network 1-4 times per day. (In many countries this amount is sufficient for much longer, e.g. for 2 years in countries of the European Union.)

  • Neoprene pad (for backpack transmitters only)


The price does NOT include:

  • European Value Added Tax (VAT). For customers from EU countries we need a valid VAT number of purchasing institution otherwise we add 21% VAT to the price. VAT is not applicable for customers from outside the European Union

  • Harness for transmitter attachment

  • Shipping fees

  • Other taxes, import duties, and charges that might be applicable when importing the transmitters. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

Orders between 10-19 transmitters are eligible for 10% discount

Orders of 20 and more transmitters are eligible for 20% discount

  • Discount is applicable only for the transmitters but not data transfer fees

  • To be eligible for a discount the order must be placed at once and include transmitters of the same design and programming options


We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have ordered but not yet paid for a product, we guarantee the price for one month from when the order was placed.

Transmitter colour options

When ordering the transmitters it is possible to request that they are made in one of four available colours: white, black, grey or brown. The colour choice does not influence the transmitter price.


Data transfer fees

We charge a service subscription fee of 0.2 EUR/day plus actual data transfer costs. Data transfer fees vary depending on country, frequency of connections to GSM/GPRS/3G network and volume of transferred data.


Please contact us for pricing if you need to record and transfer exceptionally large amounts of sensor information or connect to the phone network more frequently.


Data transfer fees are applied on a monthly basis. After the data transfer fees included in the transmitter price are used up we ask for the next upfront payment. We offer flexible handling scheme for data transfer fees and paid but unused fees can be transferred between different units by the same user.


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