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We specialize in advanced telemetry applications for studying wild birds.

Coupling knowledge of biologists and engineers we offer bird transmitters that ensure reliable performance and high energetic efficiency.

OrniTrack transmitters log GPS positions and multiple sensor information and upload data via GSM/GPRS or 3G or 4G telecommunication networks. Efficient solar panels and low power consumption allow collecting position data at very high rate: at 5-10 minute intervals as a base rate to 1 minute intervals in good light conditions. For limited periods it is possible to log positions as frequently as every second!

GPS logging and data upload scheduling is fully controlled by a user through the online control panel. Additionally, automatic controls could be set using geofences, time scheduling or sensor readings. This allows balancing data collection with available power and maximizing transmitter performance when it is most needed.

Our transmitters are trusted by hundreds of customers from over 50 countries across the world.

Needless to say, we are willing to work with customers and develop tailored solutions matching needs of your studies.

Finally, we offer our transmitters at competitive prices and flexible data transfer fees.


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